Business Model Health Check

Business Model Health Check Programme is a market intelligence platform for analysing your business, identifying areas of health and concern and generates recommendations specific to your business needs.

In our three step process we analyze your responses with a spectrum of data points from businesses throughout industry, news mentions, social media comments and through interaction with our specialist business health consultants.

Business Model Audit

Using our platform, you will be brought through a series of questions related to the health of your business. The platform will generate a business health report based on your combination of answers and those of our database of respondents.

Commercial Audit

Once you receive your health check report, you will be able to book a follow up with one of our consultants. Based on the results of the Health Check, our consultant will work with you to identify areas for improvement and recommendations on how to achieve this.


We also offer mentorship and consultation services should your business require additional support in implementing improvements. We help you make money by unlocking value from your existing business activity, improving controls and freeing up resources.