The role of a Financial Controller is to support the Finance Director and to review the data entered by the bookkeeper in order to preserve cashflow.

This information is essential in truly understanding how your business is performing and allows you to make timely decisions to further increase profits or quickly stem losses. The Companies Act 2006 requires this work to be carried before you can file your final accounts each year, so even if you decide to keep your existing accountant, the I should be able to substantially reduce their bills for you. |As Financial Controller I will analyse the numbers and present them with the addition of words and diagrams to clearly paint a picture of how well the business is performing.

I offer advice and suggestions should I spot any cause for concern or opportunities to further preserve cashflow. Many businesses employ the services of a Management Accountant as well as that of a Financial Controller – with the FC package you are effectively getting the benefit of both, which is a huge potential saving on employment costs.

Maintaining the quality of your accounts and processes including:

  • Xero Setup
  • Bookkeeping
  • Management accounts
  • Executive summary
  • Performance analysis
  • Profit analysis
  • Cashflow forecast
  • Budgets
  • Credit control
  • Payroll